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  • Gunther Geisenfelder (Skidata)
    A football club is nothing without its fans, and one company that leads the way in helping supporters on a matchday is SKIDATA. Football Business magazine spoke with GUNTHER GEISENFELDER, the company's Vice President for People Access For Fairs, Attractions and Arenas, about all things ticket-related, and the other areas in which Skidata can help a football club.


  • Tim Phillips (Brand Expert & Author)
    The counterfeiting market is an ever-expanding problem to the global economy - walk down any High Street and the effects of counterfeiting are increasingly obvious. But what does this illegal practice do to the beautiful game's economy? Football Business magazine spoke with brand expert and author TIM PHILLIPS about all things fake in sportswear


  • Mark Schneider (Managing Director, Riedel Communications)
    MARK SCHNEIDER is the Managing Director of RIEDEL COMMUNICATIONS, who provide audio and visual solutions in broadcast, events, sports, and theatres. Riedel's TETRA system has been ultilised in a number of international events, and Schneider explained to Football Business magazine about the complete move into a wider spectrum of the sport.


  • Harry Philp, Managing Director, Hermes Sports, speaks about football finance ..
    Few people or businesses have escaped the credit crunch suffered throughout the Western world. Football Business magazine spoke with football finance expert HARRY PHILP, MD of HERMES SPORTS, about the financial stability of the English Premier League, and the globalised nature of its bigger clubs.


    Leading investment bank guru KEITH HARRIS talks about smarter financial thinking for the future


  • Mark Mohan (Setanta)
    Setanta Sports Commercial Director MARK MOHAN sets out his channel's position in a hugely competitive broadcast market.

  • Bob Shennan (Channel 4 Radio)
    Channel Four Radio's Head of Programming BOB SHENNAN explains the true power of one of our old broadcast mediums.

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