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Centre Industriel de Miribel
Rue des Brotteaux
01708 Miribel, France
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Transitions, light on the move
An event about exploring new directions, connecting people and sharing visions. Seven containers will be travelling through Europe and abroad, with exhibits from several leading architects and lighting designers, who have taken light as the raw material for their creations.
Lighting Controls
Applications Shopping centres/Sports stadiums
Centralised switching will ensure that only authorised personnel control lights and status indication may be provided at a central control room. Solar control may be used to control atrium, signage and car park lighting.Time scheduling may be used to control lights on a daily/weekly basis.

Key features As speculative office development, plus:- Emergency lighting test and monitoring Architectural/scene setting Daylight linking Solar control-external switching Manual infrared control Controlled luminance Hours run logging Time scheduling Individual luminaire control

Preferred system LightMaster 100 Helio