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COMMERCIAL DIGEST – My Media Life - Rich Stonehouse
Rich Stonehouse is Managing Director of Rich Media Ltd. Following a long and successful testing phase which included focused marketing and dummy issue distribution, Rich Media are shortly to launch Open Goal magazine on the UK Premier League football market.

Starting in August ‘08, 250,000 copies of the corporation’s monthly flagship title will be distributed, free-of-charge, to football fans outside Premier League stadia on match-days. The product will instantly become the highest ever circulated football magazine in Britain.

Here, Rich talks us through his Media Life:
What papers do you read?

The Guardian is a great start to the working week because of the intense media information it offers on a Monday. It pays to be kept in touch with all media platforms because you never know when that crossover might directly affect your brand. It’s partially for that reasons that I’ll still buy The Guardian of a weekend, though more so for columnists Russell Brand and Charlie Brooker who are worth the cover price alone.

And online?

Online, I speculate around all of the brands I wouldn’t normally want to be seen buying in public, i.e. the tabloids! In the market we’re in they attack target consumers in such as way that it makes them impossible not to read, and there are so many content lessons to be learned from reading them.

Our business is football so I have to be kept abreast with what is happening both on and off the pitch, so the BBC website and new sites such as and others satisfy both sides of where I need to be. As a Sunderland FC fan, I of course make time to visit my club website a few times a day, and when our league position has sufficiently depressed me I’ll probably head to Media Week to finish the day of by seeing what have been the big stories.

What television channels do you view?

Television doesn’t rate highly for pure news and business information these days. And now that Neighbours has shifted over to Channel 5, I’m even spending less time watching the BBC!

In a fight between time spent watching TV versus being on the internet, the latter has long since won the battle. It’s instantly updated, fresh, user-driven, and offers both extreme depth and intense shallowness that television simply cannot compete with.

Do you have a philosophy for business?

Ask me in five years.

How do you beat executive stress?

Running on the beach must be the best solution in the world. Invigorating and a proper workout.

Business utopia would be...?

Apart from hangover-free booze? Probably more hours in the day, and with most of them featuring sunshine.

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